The truth is that it depends on how you repair your credit. If you go the do-it-yourself route you can save on the cost, however you may not get the desired result.

If you use a credit repair company it can cost you a lot of money depending on your situation. So the real question is, what is important to you?

The results, how long it takes or how much it costs? Credit repair services have different ways of charging you.

We will be discussing the three most common ways credit repair companies charge their fees.

The three are the “Pay Per” method, the “Lump Sum” method, and the “Pay-As-You-Go” method.

We will explain all three and go over their pros and cons so you can fully understand what to expect from each pay method.

This is important so that you can set the right expectations in your mind.

Let’s just say you decide that you want to use a credit repair service so you can have the professionals working on your behalf to get your desired result. You will come across a few different pricing methods.


For example, a credit repair company may charge you a “pay per item” fee.

Meaning you pay per item removed/corrected, per bureau (there are three main credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion).

Meaning, that if one inaccurate account is removed from all three credit bureaus, the cost would be $150 total if fee was $50 per account, per bureau.

The cost may vary, sometimes the fee is $75-$150 per inaccurate account removed/corrected.

That is fine if you only have one or two accounts that are inaccurate, but what if you have 10 such accounts? Then, this pricing method can become very expensive.

Pros: You only pay when an account is removed or corrected.

Cons: 1 account can cost you $150 total potentially, so 5 could cost you $750 and 10 accounts could be $1,500.

There are other pricing methods that are much more affordable.

cost of credit repair in cash

“The three are the ‘Pay Per Item’ method, the ‘Lump Sum’ method, and the ‘Membership’ method.”


Another pricing method is the Lump Sum or AKA One-Time Fee.

If you have 5-10 plus inaccurate accounts this may be appealing to you. Instead paying $50 per account, per bureau.

You would pay a one-time fee of x-amount of dollars and the credit repair company would work to remove or correct inaccurate accounts.

On the low end you would be looking at $500, and on the high end you would be looking at $1,000.

Some of these companies may have a cap on how many inaccurate accounts are covered by the lump sum fee.

For example, one company may charge $500 for up to 10 accounts, and $1,000 for up to 25 accounts.

These companies would include inaccurate account removal from all three bureaus. Unlike the “Pay Per” method that charges per inaccurate account removed or corrected.

Pros: A more affordable option than the “Pay Per” method if you have several inaccurate accounts that need to be resolved.

Cons: You will have to pay up-front.

“Generally speaking this pricing method requires no contract, you pay month-to-month, and can cancel at any time.”


The third option is a monthly recurring fee, similar to a gym membership, except unlike a gym membership a credit repair company is providing you service whether you show up or not.

This pricing method is also known as the membership method.

Generally speaking this pricing method requires no contract, you pay month-to-month, and can cancel at any time.

This can be very affordable depending on the credit repair company’s monthly fee.

Most commonly you will see a set-up fee of $150 and a monthly fee of $100.

Like the “Lump Sum” pricing method, companies that use the “Membership” method usually includes all three bureaus and may or may not have a cap on how many inaccurate accounts they will resolve at a time.

For example, a credit repair company using this method may place a limit on how many accounts they will dispute per month.

Many have the cut off at 5 accounts per month.

It is common for companies to do so, while other companies will dispute all inaccurate accounts every month.


You have to choose the right method that works for you and your situation.

At MyCreditBridge we give you two options: Lump Sum, or Membership.

You can select the pricing tab in the menu above to see our fees

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